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HDR Photos
for visibly superior images!

We use professional equipment and state-of-the-art technology, so you’ll immediately notice the difference!

Visit360’s services

  • Book appointments with your customers directly
  • Our photographer comes to you, evaluates your property and determines the optimal way to highlight its best features.
  • Up to 30 still photos of the property (interior and exterior)
  • Photos are sent within 24 hours

High Dynamic Range Imaging (known as HDR or HDRI) is a set of digital methods used in photography to create a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. The main advantage of this innovative imaging technique is that it creates high-resolution images that really appeal to potential buyers.

360º Virtual Tour

How to stimulate interest!

Visit360’s services

  • Book appointments with your customers directly
  • As many photos and 360º HDR spherical panoramic pictures as you need for each of your properties
  • Virtual tours suitable for computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Virtual tour and photos sent within 24 hours

A virtual tour is a way to visit a place as if you were there, but using your monitor. Theserealisticpresentations are created by combining several spherical HDR photographs. In addition, from the centre of a location, you can easily control your movements, go up and down, and rotate your point of view through a full 360 degrees, so you can see everything, whenever you want! Let yourself be charmed by this new technology and upgrade your professional image by offering interactive property tours to your clients.

Websites for Real Estate Brokers

Let your web presence shine!

Visit360’s services

  • Professional web presence;
  • Your choice of web design from a number of templates;
  • Several pages (bilingual if needed);
  • Social media links;
  • Customized tools for real estate brokers;
  • *Display of your Centris-connected properties;
  • Hosting for one domain name.

What better way to increase your professional presence and the visibility of your properties than to do it with lots of images on the Internet? Our web design team has created several website templates for real estate brokers that you can use for a mere monthly cost of $79.99 + taxes. Visit360 can also create custom websites if needed.Please contact us for more information.

Come visit us at our office to get a free glance at what your website could look like.

Social Media for Real Estate Brokers

Creation of professional Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
Creation of a custom cover image for Facebook
Cross linking of your social media for effective management